Application of vacuum technology in nuclear power equipment manufacturing

- May 17, 2019-

Application of vacuum technology in nuclear power equipment manufacturing


About the application of vacuum technology in nuclear power, let's understand the application of vacuum technology in nuclear power equipment manufacturing.


Nuclear power systems are complex and bulky, and require long-term operation under high radiation conditions. The application of vacuum technology is involved in the manufacture of fuel elements and control rods, leak detection in the process of equipment manufacturing, and the manufacture of some special materials.


When the screw vacuum pump manufacturer introduces uranium enrichment for nuclear power fuel, the enriched uranium with the assistance of vacuum process will eventually be made into uranium dioxide ceramic fuel. The process, will add uranium hexafluoride soluble in water after the hydrolysis, again in 1.3 * 10 ^ 1 pa under vacuum vacuum filtering and washing, made of uranium oxide, and then treated with high temperature and vacuum degassing, loading, casing, vacuum welding, make fuel particles.


This is just some of the nuclear type of fuel preparation, different types of nuclear power, the requirement of fuel element is different, but the manufacturing process needs to be adopted vacuum process, such as metal refining need in 1.3 * 10 ^ - 2 pa, under the condition of temperature 1400 , under special vacuum induction furnace for purification, again into the alloy elements. Plutonium in the fast reactor fuel elements is highly toxic, so the fuel mixture needs to be packed in a vacuum glove box after sintering, the room in which the glove box is located needs to be vacuumed, and so on.


The control rods are used to absorb the excess neutrons in the reactor, control the chain reaction, and maintain a certain amount of power. The control rod pellets are commonly used boron carbide, which will fail in air. Therefore, the preparation of boron carbide pellets shall be vacuum degassed and then packed into a special glass tube for vacuum preservation. Control rod also needs to be in the process of manufacturing cladding tube vacuum, smoke in the pellet after 1.3 * 10 ^ 1 pa, and helium-filled seal.


Then there is the vacuum leak detection of nuclear power equipment. Preventing radioactive leakage is the most basic requirement of nuclear power equipment. Therefore, all kinds of equipment shall have good sealing performance, and strict vacuum leak detection shall be carried out during manufacturing. The leakage of nuclear power equipment standards need to be 1.3 * 10 ^ - pa 6 L/s. Currently, nuclear power equipment also has special helium leak detectors and suction nozzles for leak detection in large containers.


Other materials manufacturing involves the application of vacuum technology, screw vacuum pump manufacturers for example: for example, activated carbon is widely used in nuclear power plant waste treatment, and the activated carbon used in nuclear power plant is generally compound resin in high vacuum carbonization, the activated carbon obtained excellent performance; High temperature gas cooled reactor fuel element cladding using impermeable graphite, need to graphite in a vacuum heated to 1000 or so and then pass into the propane pyrolytic carbon, make the surface of the graphite has dense coating, breathable rate; Zirconium and its alloys are processed in a vacuum because they react easily with oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in the air.


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