Application of Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Surface Coating Technology in Mould

- Mar 19, 2018-

The DLC coating is typically used in the following areas where its unique advantages apply to applications which there are special requirements for friction and wear.

(1) Cutting field: drill, milling cutter, carbide blade, etc.

(2) Metal material forming field: terrace die, cavity plate, fine blanking, etc.

(3) Molding field: Mold cavity and core, knockout pin and various inserts.

(4) Engine field: valves, piston pin, knockout pin and piston.

(5) Semiconductor field: the blade of the pin forming die, forming mold inserts and inserts for packaging moulds.

(6) Other parts:  shaft-class, wheel gear, bearing, cam and return idler.

The application of DLC coatings in semiconductor package molds to understand the superior performance of DLC coatings and their use in the mold field.

In the field of semiconductor packaging moulds, the demolding of products after forming is becoming more and more difficult because of the wide application of green and environmental resins. In the mold of traditional process processing, it often appears that the product is scrapped due to the difficulty of demolding. The cycle of mold washing is shorter and shorter, and the excellent-good rate and efficiency of products are also decreasing. The high cost of production in the die pressing process has become the bottleneck in the production of semiconductor. The DLC coating process can solve this problem well. By coating a layer of DLC coating on the surface of the key parts (cavity and core), the product's demolding force can be greatly reduced, and the phenomenon of product abandonment due to too much demolding force is eliminated. At the same time, the efficiency of production has been greatly improved. At the same time, the efficiency of production has been greatly improved.

DLC coating technology is a newly developed surface coating treatment technology, with its excellent high hardness, low friction coefficient and self-lubricating performance, it is used in occasions where friction and wear have special requirements. Its application in die cutting edge parts and forming parts can effectively improve the performance of the mold and the quality of the products; significantly increase the service life and reduce the maintenance time of the die, thereby improving the production efficiency and reducing the unit production cost. With the continuous improvement of product quality requirements and strict control of unit cost, DLC surface coating technology will be applied more and more widely in mould industry.

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