Appearance Inspection Content Of PVD Coating

- Mar 30, 2018-

The appearance of the PVD coating affects the sale of the coating, and the appearance defects of the functional area not only affect the appearance of the coating, but also affect the service life of the coating. The main appearance defects of the coating are the stripping and chromatic aberration.

1. Stripping

This is determined by the characteristics of the coating process. During the coating process, the old coating deposited on the furnace walls and fixtures during the previous coating process will continue to crack and some fragments will cling to the workpiece. The new coating covers it instead of the substrate. In this way, the old coating comes off together with the new coating during the cooling or subsequent process. The severity of coating shedding is related to the location and size of the shedding point. Coating shedding can be checked by microscopic magnifiers. Severely visible coating shedding was very noticeable.

2. Chromatic aberration

Chromatic aberration refers to the difference in color of the same coating. There are two main situations: one is the coating color difference of the workpiece in different positions in the same batch, and the other is the difference in coating color between different batches. The color difference is related to the matrix material, the distribution of the reaction gas in the furnace, the weight of the target and the degree of vacuum. In general, a slight chromatic aberration does not affect the performance of the coating. The composition analysis instrument can be used to analyze the differences between the coating components of different colors, and determine the severity of the influence of the degree of color difference on the performance of the coating. A slight chromatic aberration in actual production does not affect the performance of the product. If the color difference is very obvious, the eye can be clearly seen, and then the attention should be paid to find the reason.

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