Analysis of future development trend of rotary vane vacuum pump

- Apr 13, 2019-

Analysis of future development trend of rotary vane vacuum pump


Among all kinds of vacuum pumps, rotary vane pump is widely used in the industrial field , which is one of the important vacuum pump types, and it is also a rapidly developing vacuum pump type with functional structure.


Along with the advance of rotary vane pump performance, industrial robots, microelectronics, computer, intelligent and image sensing technology and other high and new technology in pump industry production system is widely used in the future market, rotary vane vacuum pump research and development of manufacturing will toward high speed, more functional and control the direction of intelligent, automation, integration become the developing direction of the future rotary vane pump.


In order to meet the market demand, domestic vacuum pump equipment industry enterprises should pay more attention to the integration and automation of vacuum pump production.


In the production of vacuum pump equipment, it pays attention to the function switch design of rotary vane pump equipment while giving consideration to the requirements of various varieties and small batch production of rotary vane vacuum pump products, and improves the integrated function of rotary vane pump to make it have better functional applicability.


In order to make the rotary-vane vacuum pump has good flexibility, domestic vacuum equipment manufacturing enterprises should strive to enhance the automation of rotary vane pump, microcomputer technology, module and unit combination form, using microcomputer as a conventional vacuum pump control system, realize the rotary-vane vacuum pump are ordered to perform an action, further improve the intelligent degree of the rotary-vane vacuum pump equipment.


As rotary vane pump equipment production technology constantly improve, domestic vacuum pump industry enterprises to further improve the work efficiency of vacuum pump equipment, improve vacuum pump drive devices and control core of the products, reduce the vacuum pump in the process of production scrap rate and fault rate, perfect the function of rotary vane vacuum pump product integration, automation, new development for our country's industrial production.