Advantages Of Glasses Coating

- Apr 19, 2018-

There are two main types of optical coating:

One is an anti-reflection film, which uses the principle of light interference to reduce the excess reflected light on the surface of the lens by coating multiple transparent materials with different refractive indexes and different thicknesses on the front surface of the lens. After adding the anti-reflective film to the lens, the permeability of the light will increase, the wearer will feel fewer glares, and the vision will be more real and bright.

The other is the hard film, which is mainly used for resin lenses. It is generally added to the front surface of the lens which enhances the abrasion resistance of the resin lens, and the light permeability is also enhanced. When the user is cleaning the hard-coated lens, the front and back surfaces of the lens should be washed with clean water first, and then dry with a clean soft cloth. Be careful not to wipe the lens when it is dry.

If the ordinary lens can be seen clearly, there is no need to add the film. If it is to be added, the resin lens may be provided with the anti-reflection film or the hard film. The glass lens is generally provided with an anti-reflection film. When light enters a different transfer substance (as from the air into the glass), about 5% will be reflected, and there are many lenses and refracting in the optical sighting lens, and the total added up can lose 30% to 40% of the incident light. Modern optical lenses are usually coated with single-layer or multi-layer magnesium fluoride antireflection film, which can reduce the reflection to 1.5%, and the multilayer film can reduce the reflection to 0.25%, so the penetration rate of the whole sight can reach 95% if the collimator is properly coated. The lenses coated with single layer antireflective coatings are usually blue-purple or red, and the lenses with multilayer antireflection coatings are light green or dark purple.

Coating is commonly used in cameras, telescopes, and the eyepiece, objective and prism surfaces of the microscope to increase the illuminance of the image.

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