Advantages And Disadvantages Of Heat Conduction Vacuum Gauges

- Jul 11, 2018-



1. The heat transfer vacuum gauge reflects the full pressure (the true pressure of the container being tested).


2. The heat conduction vacuum gauge can measure continuously and support remote reading.


3. Simple structure and easy manufacturing.


4. Even if suddenly encounters the atmosphere, the heat conduction vacuum gauge will not burn.




1. The calibration curve varies depending on the type of gas, so the calibration curve for air cannot be directly used for other gases.


2. With thermal inertia, the temperature change of the hot wire is delayed under the change of pressure, and the reading also lags some time.


3. Due to the influence of external temperature, the regulation must be installed in places where has no radiation or convection.


4. The aging phenomenon is serious and the gauge must be calibrated regularly.