2018 the position values of PVD coating personnel

- Dec 15, 2018-

2018 the position values of PVD coating personnel

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Vacuum coating industry has an embarrassing position - master.

For most people, a master is a disciple.

The earliest master, this word evolves from engineer, it is a kind of professional ability affirmation to technical personnel!


Apprentice: that is, has not been freed from traditional constraints, has not been systematically studied and has not formed a clear understanding of the concept of PVD. Salary: 4200-4500RMB

PVD coating operator: have a preliminary understanding of PVD, can operate the equipment independently, can easily analyze the cause of equipment failure, and can simply maintain the equipment. Wages 4500-6000 RMB

PVD coating technician: the technician has got rid of the traditional bondage, can have their own thinking ability, and can apply to practice, and have their own understanding of coating, easy to have differences with other people's ideas. The existing process can be simply adjusted and improved, and the analysis of the reasons for the poor results. Wages 6000-8000RMB

PVD coating engineer: the engineer has been able to debug the same type of mottled color for different equipment, has a clear understanding of the coating, and can recognize the gap between test and production, and has a comprehensive understanding of the equipment. Salary: 8000-12000RMB

PVD senior engineer: the senior engineer has already started to understand the edge area, and has a clear understanding of cleaning, oil painting, sandblasting, wire drawing, sand drawing, oil removal and wax removal. He has a clear understanding of the pre-treatment and post-treatment of the surface of the goods, and has formed his own path. Others cannot change their ideas. Salary: 12000-20000RMB

Chief engineer of PVD: as the chief engineer, standing at the top of the pyramid of coating technology industry, he has a complete grasp of coating and its affiliated industries, can consider the technical problems of coating technology in a very comprehensive way, and has a good understanding of materials commonly used in material science, mechanics, mechanics, electricity and so on. Salary: dry stock 5%+20000RMB


The following is some introduction about PVD:


Color of PVD coating


PVD coating film can make the color of the film layer has deep gold, light gold, brown, bronze, gray, black, gray black, seven colors, purple, red, green, blue and many other colors, but the most or gold, brown and black gray department.

Through different target materials to plating different colors, gold, blue, purple color with titanium nitride, titanium compounds, silicides, blue with indium-tin alloy, bright silver with indium-tin alloy, black with tungsten, gray with tin-nickel-chromium and other metals.

Although PVD can be plated with many colors, the research and development cost of this formula is very high, and the patent protection is also the reason, so there are only a dozen of adjustable colors at present, it is difficult to fine-tune the color.

The color can be controlled by controlling the relevant parameters in the process of coating. After the end of the coating, can be used to measure the color of the relevant instruments, so that the color can be quantified, to determine whether the color plating meets the requirements.


Advantages of PVD coating

1. High hardness -- hardness is an important performance index to measure the degree of compressive deformation of product materials.

Let's first look at a set of data:

a is 0.005 hardness of nickel plating layer -- about 180HV;

 b is hardness of phosphorous electroless nickel plating layer -- about 300HV;

 c is hardness of aluminum substrate -- about 100HV

Hardness of the film after anodizing -- about 300HV

Hardness of hard anodic oxidation film -- about 500HV

 d hardness of wet-type hard chromium plating -- about 800HV

e hardness of PVD process -- about 1600HV


2 excellent adhesion -- can bend more than 90 degrees without cracking or peeling (PVD film has a high adhesion and durability), other technologies, including electroplating, spraying can not be compared.


3 beautiful - film color variety, color uniform, smooth surface, rich in metallic luster, never fade.


4 Durable surface

High resistance to abrasion -- scratch, scratch, fall off and crack.

Chemical stability - corrosion resistance, acid resistance, oxidation resistance. In the hot sun, humidity and other harsh environment is not easy to change color, shedding, damage, and so on, stable performance.

Easy to clean - easy to remove paint and handwriting without leaving a mark.

5 Economical - reduces the time and cost required to clean and polish plated brass or gold.

6. Easy processing -- wide range of plating materials and strong adhesion with the substrate. It can etch any design pattern imaginable.

7. Environmental protection -- it is harmless to the environment and avoids chemical poisoning. Although there are waste gas emissions in the production process and it needs to be filtered in the later stage, it basically belongs to the category of green manufacturing and is harmless to human body and ecological environment.


PVD coating film thickness

PVD film thickness is thinner, micron level, generally 0.3 microns to 5 microns, decoration film thickness is generally 0.3 microns to 1 microns, so it can almost not affect the original size of the workpiece surface to improve the physical properties and chemical properties, after the plating process does not need to be.


PVD coating technology is currently the main application of the industry

The application of PVD coating technology is mainly divided into two categories: decorative coating and tool coating.

The purpose of decorative plating is mainly to improve the appearance of the workpiece decorative properties and color and at the same time make the workpiece more wear-resistant and corrosion resistant to extend its service life; This respect basically applies each domain of hardware industry, wait for an industry like hardware of door window hardware, lock, wei yu hardware, 3C product, wrist watch.

The purpose of tool plating is mainly to improve the surface hardness and wear resistance of the workpiece, reduce the friction coefficient of the surface, improve the service life of the workpiece; This aspect is mainly used in various cutting tools, turning tools (such as turning tool, planer, milling cutter, drill bit, etc.), various hardware tools (such as screwdriver, pliers, etc.), various molds and other products.