Sputtering Color Coating System

Sputtering Color Coating System

Usually used for coating clocks and watches, eyeglasses frame, electronic cigarettes, bathroom locks, high-grade hotel decoration pieces, hardware,etc.

Product Details

Vacuum Chamber:

Material: SUS304

Lumen size: Φ 1900 * 1300 mm

Cooling method: outer wall water cooling

Observation window: the furnace door is equipped with two observation Windows

Welding requirements: internal and external profile welding.

Sputtering target positions: 5 pairs of targets in the outer ring and 5 pairs of targets in the inner ring

Arc target location: 5-5 on both sides, a total of 10 targets

KF configuration excuse: to meet the normal use of 4 reserved

Surface treatment: the inner and outer walls are fully polished.

Pump System:

Maglev Turbo molecular pump

Mechanical pump

Roots pump

High vacuum  gate valve



Machine details,kindly download please.


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