Small Tools Coating Equipment

Small Tools Coating Equipment

IKS PVD coating equipment for tool steels (cold / hot work steel, high speed steel; HSS, HSCO, M42, ...) and tungsten carbides (WC).Cemented carbide ,drill ,taps

Product Details

Main Technical Parameters:

(1). Ultimate vacuum: 6.7x10-4 Pa

(2). Working vacuum:6.7 x10-3Pa

(3). Pump speed(Empty furnace,cold state): From atm. to 6.7x10-3Pa,18 minutes

(4). Pressure rising rate : 0.4Pa/hour.

(5).Heating Temperature:400℃

(6). Electrical control system: Manual/automatic, Industrial PC touch screen automatic control,

Multiple process Settings can be run.

Technical support:

  1. Warranty:1year.

  2. Reply the technology consulting with 2 hours.

  3. Lifetime technical support.

  4. The equipment is possible to upgrade,all users will be able to enjoy the benefits of new technology upgrading.


drills, milling cutter, gear cutter, broach, taps, blades, scissor, shaving razor blades, automotive wear-resistant parts and medical devices

High quality hard coatings,give tools higher cutting and feeding speeds,and help extend service life to reduce the replacement time of tools,thereby reducing the total processing cost.




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