PVD Sputtering System

PVD Sputtering System

IKS PVD ,manufacture of PVD Sputtering System from China,new method of chrome coating.application:ARCHITECTURAL MATERIAL,Automobile industry.etc.

Product Details


 It is a magnetic control and multi-arc all-in-one machine. This equipment adopts medium-frequency magnetron sputtering technology, multi-arc ion plating technology, pulse bias technology and other advanced technologies. It also uses high-power medium-frequency sputtering power supply, magnetically controlled medium-frequency cylindrical targets and pneumatic arc round targets, which greatly increase the sputtering rate of targets and the deposition rate of thin films, but also greatly improves film uniformity and adhesion. 

Any question about your PVD coating machine inquirement,contact with us please,iks.pvd@foxmail.com


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