Optical PVD Coating Equipment

Optical PVD Coating Equipment

Equipment use: large area electron gun evaporation photoelectric film, optical film and anti - fingerprint film.

Product Details

Iks-opt2700 evaporative coating machine is designed for the rapid production of large area optical film coating and single/multi-layer surface modification film. The machine is a vertical single-cavity coating machine, which is a multi-layer optical film coating system based on electron gun evaporation. The main products of this equipment include evaporation-deposited multi-layer optical dielectric film and anti-fingerprint film, etc. For example, visible light color film, aluminum reflective film, AF anti-fingerprint film, low-melting point organic film, visible light spectrophotometric film, visible light anti-reflection film, etc., which can also be tested and produced for a specific film system with simple optical characteristics.

Technical parameters: 1, install: L5500 L45000 * * H3400mm; 2, the inner cavity body: Φ H1680mm 3, loading: 2700 * 2650 * H420mm Φ stainless steel frame; 4. Target material: a set of 12-hole electron guns, copper water-cooled; 5. Evaporation: a set of resistance evaporation system; 6. Vacuum range: atm-6 * 10-4pa; 7. Ion source: hall ion source, 4KW; 8. Deposition rate: mac-3b /XTC3/S; 9. Cavity heating: 6 groups of base filament heating, 24KW; 10. Vacuum: flow meter and needle valve control process gas; 11, power supply: 220 v50hz 12, external flange: KF16 and KF25 13, vacuum won: mechanical pump, roots pump and pump at low temperature




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