Nd-Fe-B(neodymium Iron Boron)ceramic Coating Production Line

Nd-Fe-B(neodymium Iron Boron)ceramic Coating Production Line

NdFeB(neodymium iron boron) Ceramic Chip Surface Metallization Coating Production Line, adopt magnetron sputtering process, deposit terbium(Tb) metal film or dysprosium(Dy) metal film on the NdFeB ceramic chip surface, and improve the performance of magnetron ceramic by diffusion treatment.

Product Details

Technical Parameters

1.   Effective Install SpaceW7000XL23000XH1500mm

7.Sputtering:DC   magnetron sputtering

2. Vacuum ChamberW1650XL16400XH500mm

8. Rate of Deposition: <2.5µm per time,   0.5nm Precision

3.Loading Frame: W1050XL1050

9.Design:Vacuum chamber and process modularization design

4.Target Material: Twinned Target W110XL1050mm,or Twinned   Target Ф110XL1050mm

10.Process:Flow gauge and Valve   controlled process gas

5.Work-Piece:ceramic   chip, thickness are 2-15mm

11.Power   Source:380V 50Hz

6. Vacuum   Rang: ATM-6X10-4 Pa

12.   External Flange: KF16 and KF25

13.Vacuum   System: Rotary pump, Roots pump and Molecular pump

Neodymium NdFeB Magnet



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