Multi Arc Decorative Coating System

Multi Arc Decorative Coating System

Usually used for coating bathroom locks, high-grade hotel decoration pieces, hardware,etc.
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Product Details

Vacuum chamber:

Vacuum chamber single - sided door structure

Chamber Size:φ1900mm×H1300mm

Vacuum chamber surface treatment:Internal and external walls are fully polished

Vacuum chamber material:SUS304 stainless steel

The whole equipment adopts split frame,Baking paint for exterior use.

Technical specifications (no load, cold, clean)

Ultimate pressure:superior to 6E-4Pa

Pumping speed:Atm-6E-3Pa The pumping time is less than 20 minutes

Presure rising rate:<0.5Pa/Hour

Max Tamperature:Equipment maximum temperature 300℃ 

The film forming temperature is about 100℃

Standard Coating Films Color:

IP Black, Rose Gold, IP Gold, Sapphire, Champaign Gold, Cool Silver, Coffee, Rainbow, Gun Black, Zirconium Gold, Rosy, etc.