Ion Enhanced Coating System

suitable for coating stick milling cutter, micro-drill, cutter grain, etc

Product Details

New technology:

new filter arc source,plasma enhanced and anode assisted coating technology.

Vacuum chamber:

1.SUS304 stainless steel vacuum chamber,Octahedron1000XH1200

2. vertical front door structure, with two observation Windows, the observation window is extended and the working state of each arc source can be observed.

3.The vacuum chamber is equipped with 8 pcs arc targets on the circumference and evenly arranged

4.Pneumatic throttle control valve is adopted.

Standard Coating:TiN, Crn, TiCN, AlTiN, etc.

Composite Coating:TiAlCrN, TiSiN,TiCrN, DLC, etc.



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