Continuous Stainless Steel Decorative Coating Machine

Continuous Stainless Steel Decorative Coating Machine

The equipment is composed of some process section, like vacuum chamber, vacuum pump group, loading rack operation, coating process, pretreatment and post-treatment, etc.

Product Details

IKS-VH1300 Continuous Decorative Film Coating Machine


Equipment Application

Continuous loading of multi-arc ion coating and magnetron sputtering coating.IKS-VH1300 Continuous Decorative Film Coating Machinedesigned for mass, rapid and stable production of surface decorative film. The machine is a vertical multi-cavity film plating machine with continuous carriage. It is a continuous coating system based on multi-arc sputtering source and magnetron sputtering source. The main products of this equipment are coating surface on substrate materials such as stainless steel, PC, PET, glass, etc. For example, TiC(black), TiN(golden yellow), TiCN (blue-grey), CrN(silver-grey), TiAlN (amaranth

), AlTiN (atropurpureus), TiAlCrN (grey), TiAlCrN (rose red) and AlCrN(grey black).

Design of Production Line

Continuous Decorative Film Coating Machine configured with multiple independent process chamber section (at least 3pcs chamber), to achieve mass, rapid and stable production. According to the process requirement, every chamber section could finish the independent process.


It is adopted the design of independent substrate holder come in and out chamber, vacuum isolation by independent slit valve, transmission system automatic continuous transmit tray. The coating is done automatically by the control system.

It has vacuum system with independent substrate holder come in/out chamber and coating chamber, ensure process stability and environmental cleanliness of substrate in and out.

  Technical Characteristics


1. Operation: Auto/Semi-Auto, easy to operate.

7.Temreture Control: chamber -300

2. The beat of continuous inlet the work-piece rack: Interval   less than 2min .

8.Cleaning: Fluorescent clean

3.Sputtering Source:6 sets Multi-Arc sputtering system

9. Heating: Sheathed heating pipe to heating. Reserved   12PCS 1.5kw heating of every chamber

4.Sputtering Source:8 pcs cathode cylindrical sputtering

10.Carousels: with 10 axis rotation and revolution holders

5.Coating film: Deposition the surface coating film on   substrate of stainless steel, PC, PET, glass, etc.

11.Process Control: Software generates control parameters,   Controlled by PLC

6.Vacuum:Melecolure pump+ Roots pump+ Rotary Vane pump



Technical Parameters

1. Effective Install SpaceW4200×L8000×H4600mm

8.Pre-treatment:12 pcs 4.5KW heating, chamber No.1

2. Vacuum ChamberW1300×L1300×H1500mm

9.Post-treatment:Flow gauge control atmosphere   annealing

3.Loading10 axis rotation Ф150×H890mm

10.Vacuum Isolation: Slit valve,W720×H1100

4.Multi-Arc Source:6×Ф100 multi-arc   source, chamber No.1

11.Pow Source:380V 50Hz

5.Sputtering:8×Ф70   cylindrical cathode, chamber No.2

12.Maintaining: Front and rear hinged door flanges

6. Vacuum Rang: ATM-6X10-4 Pa

13. Vacuum System: Rotary pump, Molecular pump   and Slit valve

7.Ion Cleaning: Bias power cleaning, chamber No.1

Equipment Structure Introduction

  The equipment is composed of some process section, like vacuum     chamber, vacuum pump group, loading rack operation, coating process,     pretreatment and post-treatment, etc. 



1Chamber of come in and out substrate holders

It’s a box type chamber, outside size is W1300×L1300×H1500mm. Use 25mm thick SUS304 stainless steel plate to strengthen welding forming, stress relief by annealing. Designed front and rear maintenance door, the top is the process mounting position, the bottom is for the pumping system installation, the left and right sides are vacuum isolation. The inside of chamber can be installed with heating, multi arc ion coating and fluorescent cleaning, etc, according to process requirements. The atmosphere connected with chamber by a W720×H1100mm slit valve. Vacuum system consist by 4sets DN200 slit valve, 4 pcs FF200/1300 molecular pump and 1pc BSV90 rotary pump as high vacuum pumping, 1pc ZJP300 and 1pc 2X-70 as front stage pumping system.

2Front inlet substrate holder

Square type vacuum chamberWeld water cooling on outer wall),size is W1300×L1300×H1500mm. Bottom board designed DN200 slit valve to connect with molecular pump for pumping. Pumping system consist of 4pcs FF200/1300 molecular pump and 1pc BSV90.The two side of chamber connect with inlet holder chamber by slit valve, front board install maintenance door, use SUS304,with 3pcs inspection window. The inside wall of chamber installed double mirror surface board and anti - fouling board. The bottom installed transfer system leading by magneto fluid, self rotation system, four sectors armor heating system. The top designed 8pcs Ф70 rotation cathode for cylinder target, reserved 12pcs 1.5KW heating mounting hole. The side wall of chamber is designed uniform air intake system, two flow gauge connect with chamber by gas mixing tank, adjust the coating vacuum degree by flow controlling.

Coated color


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