Automobile industRy COATING

Speaking of automobile industry, we need refer to both of decorative coating and function coating, let’s briefly describes here, any further question, please contact with us. The automotive industry has utilized PVD coatings on engine components, windshields and rearview/side-view mirrors, decorative emblems, engine sensors, and other components. In addition, the automotive mag wheel market is making extensive use of hard coatings as replacements for the hard chrome coating on rims of years past.

§   These super-hard and low friction coatings stop the formation of macro and submicroscopic wear debris, enabling longer life for critical components. Applicable for Alloy wheels, glass, Piston, Piston Ring, and more.

§   IKS PVD vacuum coatings equipment and technology are the perfect choice for the demanding automotive industry.



§   Enhanced performance

§   Improved safety

§   Even reduction of emissions and consumption

§   Adheres to many substrates

§   Provides sharp appearance to vehicles